This summer we've competed in a number of games and tournaments... and won them all. 

... a summer of #winnning

HopFest Mixed Hockey Tournament 

Some of the other teams claimed we were taking the tournament too seriously. We won't lie, we were. We're just much better at mixing our drinks with our hockey. Victory over Strand Poly is sweet...

HOPfest winners

 Mandy Walker Games & Paul Burke Memorial Match 

Alumni Men 3 - Student Boys 1
Alumni Ladies 6 - Student Girls 2
UL Veterans 6 - UCL Team 2

What did we learn from this? Experience over youth everytime and the older you get the more you enjoy beer over hockey.

 London Varsity Masters

Accies Ladies 8 - Strand Poly 4
Accies Men 3 - Strand Poly 0

"I walk down the strand with my *beep* in my hand and I wave it at Kings as I past!"

More #winning to come...

London Sixes Tournament

For those that missed out or those that want to continue the winning streak we are entering a mens and ladies team into the London Sixes tournament. Hosted by those gluttons for punishment, Strand Poly.