The Accies' Annual General Meeting was held on Thursday 22nd May to decide on the direction of the club for the 2014-15 season, and also the committee that will be leading it. 

There are going to be some big changes next year in training, match days and social, and this was reflected in the AGM. 

Stepping down:

A few people stepped down from their long-held positions, including Kate Ogden (Club Secretary), Ian Dinwiddy (Community Role), Lily Trafford (Ladies 1stXI Vice-Captain and Matt Armitage (Treasurer). All four of them have been involved with the club for almost, if not more than, 10 years and we'd like to thank them for all their support and dedication to the cause!

New positions voted in:

  • Alastair Francis, previously men's first team captain, will now be the Club Captain. All hail...
  • The legend and inventor of hockey Eb Mukhtar has stepped down from his Club Captain position to put his assets to use building the Accies network, in the Community Role. 
  • The ever reliable Sam Balch retains his position as Fixtures Secretary
  • Joe Melly has taken up the charge in leading the Men's 1st team to victory
  • Eva Youngman, previously Marketing and Comms, is stepping up to be Club Secretary. 
  • And Crazy J (aka Jon Alvis) is toning down his social antics and putting a serious face on in his new role as Club Treasurer. 

The roles for Ladies' 1st team captain, and Social Secretary are still open and will be decided over the Summer. 

Congratulations to each committee member, and we wish you all the best of luck!