Make it rain...

Make it rain...

This Saturday we'll be kicking off the 2014-15 season with our first league game. The season has officially started, and that means membership fees need to be paid. 

We have a few membership options, depending on what membership status you will be adopting. These have been listed below, and you can also view them on our membership page


All You Can Eat

You're probably thinking 'how do I get more hockey for less money'. If you are planning to play the majority of league games then go for the 'all you can eat' package (Adults £400, Students £150). This includes membership and league match fees for the whole  year, and this option could save you up to £149. 

Annual Membership

If you haven't taken an 'All You Can Eat' package, you will need to pay a standard membership fee (Adults £225, Students £75) and match fees every time you play a game. These will need to be paid in cash, or via bank transfer, on the day of the league game to your captain. Match fees are £12 for adults, £6 for students. 

Pay As You Go

If you don't think you are able to commit to a full membership, but still want to rock up for the occasional game (for example Mixed League) then there is a 'Pay As You Go' rate of £20 for Adults, and £10 for students. These are paid on the match day to captains, and your first match with London Academicals is free!

If you have played some of the early league games before paying your membership you'll need to pay £20 per match. Once you pay your membership type, the £20 you've been paying for 'Pay As You Go' matches will contribute to your overall membership fee. There is a five match cap on the number of times you can use 'Pay As You Go', after that you're membership will need to be upgraded to 'Half Year Membership'

Half Year Membership

We've got a 'Half Year Membership' option to accommodate players who, for whatever reason, are only able to commit to half a season (£125 Adults). The first half of the season runs from 27 September - 13 December 2014 and the second half 17 January - 28th March 2015. With 'Half Membership' you will need to pay match fees. 

Standard Club Du Fromage move

Standard Club Du Fromage move

The Party Animal

For those who are more interested in the social side we're now offering a 'Party Animal' membership (£35). This means that you can come to all Accies' events in the 2014-15 season at the discounted membership rate. 


All membership fees need to be paid by Saturday 4th October 2014. You can pay in installments up to this date. However, if the full membership fee isn't paid by this date you won't be allowed to train or play hockey. 

Membership fees are the club's lifeline, and we need them to keep paying for training and match facilities. Please do help the club out by paying these on time. 

Please pay your membership fee to the London Academicals account:

UCL Academicals



If you have any questions around which membership option you want to take up, please speak to your captains. 

Many thanks, 

Your Treasurer